Raphael Roche
Raphael Roche Blockchain Experts

Raphael Roche is Blockchain Transformation Director at EdenLit International Consulting, a group dedicated to improving business, charity, local and central Government use of 4th Digital Revolution technologies. EdenLit serve 4 Client groups - Businesses (esp CSR), Charitiies & NGOs, Local Government and Central Government. For these organisations, we provide Strategy, Design, Development, Transformation and Governance expertise across Blockchain requirements. We combine this with a strong code of ethics and an excellent non-technical and technical team.

Individual members of the EdenLit Team have very extensive, senior and successful UK and International experience in technology led transformations at several leading organisations including: British Airways, Citizens Advice Bureau, Compaq, Dixons Group, Fitness First, HP, Intel, Konica-Minolta, London Stock Exchange, Microsoft, NCR, Orange, Reed, SAP, Santander, Schroders, Teradata and the UK Government - DEFRA, Dept Education, HMRC, Met Police, Ordnance Survey, Postcomm.

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