Sally Eaves
Sally Eaves Blockchain Experts

A highly experienced Chief Technology Officer, Sally undertakes bespoke projects, specialising in transformational change enabled by disruptive technologies.

She has in-depth knowledge of the transformative capabilities of blockchain and its application across multiple sectors. Sally is a member of the Strategic Management Board for TeamBlockchain and Chief Technology Officer at Mind Fit. She is active across all social media channels, building community, awareness and sharing knowledge.

This is underpinned by a breadth of commercial leadership and intrapreneurial experience gained at Orange, Everything Everywhere and T-Systems alongside cutting edge research and study at leading universities including Said Business School, Oxford and Aston Business School. Sally is an international events speaker and established author with 60+ publications in business, technology (Blockchain, VR, AR, AI) and education. She is also a STEM Ambassador and works actively on developing, mentoring and advocating projects that harness business and technology as a force for good.

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